Windscreen Chip Repair

Stones flung up from the road can result in chips on your windscreen that can develop into a crack if you do not attend to them without delay.

Whether it is a small chip, star crack, or bullseye, we have the expertise and equipment necessary to get your vehicle windows back in superb condition and we will come to your location.

You can send photos of the damage to us via WhatsApp, we can then assess if it requires a windscreen repair or replacement.

As soon as you notice a chip in your windscreen you have only to make a call to Norfolk Windscreens to arrange for us to assess whether the damage can be repaired, potentially saving you the cost of a replacement windscreen.   We can come to your home or work or other premises. Our highly skilled technicians use state of the art technology and high-quality materials to leave your repaired screen almost as new. Our expertise enables us to deal with the range of glass to be found on any model of vehicle, so rest assured that the repair will be to the highest standard.  Chip repair is normally covered by your car insurance, and we can give you advice on how to go about this or deal with your insurance company directly.